Top Four Problems That Require Timely Professional HVAC Repair Near Me

A complete heating and cooling system come with various components that work together to make the environment within your houses habitable at every season. Such machines require excellent care and maintenance to remain functional and serve you for an extended period without the need for replacement. However, they are prone to wear and tear, which may necessitate professional intervention to restore their functionality. It is thus prudent to be familiar with some common issues that may lead to breakdown or hinder your systems from operating optimally. The rest of this discussion outlines the common problems that may need professional HVAC Repair near me.

Compressor Issues

The compressor in your HVAC system helps pressurize the refrigerant for effective heat release. It has complex electrical wiring and a motor that may develop problems if not inspected routinely. We understand compressors as sophisticated units of your heating and cooling systems that we give much attention to during repairs. Our highly experienced technicians at B&B Air & Heat inspect the compressors and come up with a conclusive diagnosis of any underlying problem from the unit.

Fan Problems

Your air conditioning unit comes with two fans for efficient functioning. An evaporator fan acts as a blower and a condenser fan that sits in the outdoor unit. The condenser fan removes the heat from the system while the blower pushes cool air through the ductwork. These fans develop common problems after continued use that need professional repair. We inspect the heating and cooling system to assess the belts, motor issues and bent or loose blades. As your trusted HVAC contractor Plano TX, we restore the worn out parts and replace the irreparable components to bring the machine back to work earliest possible.

Refrigerant Leak

Leaking refrigerants in air conditioners is a common issue, but locating the leak can be challenging. Luckily, you can easily spot any leak with our professional help and assist in timely repair before the issue worsens. Continued refrigerant leakage lowers its level in the entire unit leading to numerous other problems that can be costly to restore. As such, we advise you to contact us for scheduled routine inspections to ensure timely identification and maintenance of such issues.


Furnace acts as the powerhouse of the entire HVAC system. We understand it has intricate parts that must work in harmony for proper air conditioning and efficient heating in your premises. It is thus prudent to call us for timely HVAC repair in Dallas TX whenever you identify the problem with the furnace. Look out for some early warning signs, such as unusual noises and odors that may indicate problems with the unit. You may need our professional assistance to identify complex issues such as faulty motors and damaged heat exchangers.