What To Expect When Having Air Conditioning Repair Service Performed

Taking good care of the air conditioner in your Texas home is critical. When this equipment goes down, it won’t be easy to maintain a safe, comfortable, and ultimately habitable living space. At B & B Air and Heat, we want to help consumers limit their spending on cooling systems maintenance, replacements, and last-minute fixes. That’s why we’re sharing a few important things to know when scheduling air conditioning repair service.

When problems arise, on of the first things that an air conditioning company will check is air pressure. Air pressure readings can provide evidence of the underlying problem that you’re experiencing. For instance, if pressure is low, this may mean that you have a blocked duct or a dirty air filter. If it is too high, it may be indicative of a leak within your HVAC ducting.

AC repair contractors in Dallas TX also examine the different sounds and smells that cooling equipment is producing. Certain sounds may mean that specific parts have come loose or that they are wearing down. If you have a burnt smell coming from your air conditioner, they will check to ensure that the fan motor hasn’t run out.

When we perform this work, we work hard to ensure that our clients are able to make their own decisions. We carefully explain the benefits and drawbacks of each repair options so that consumers have a clear understanding of their potential long-term costs.

In certain instances, it may be most appropriate to have an aging and ill-performing unit swapped out. After all, air conditioners lose about half of their efficiency after a full decade of service. They also have a tendency to experience increasingly frequent repair issues after this time. If this is the case in your home, we’ll tell you why a new air conditioner can provide better returns, and we’ll help you make decisions that provide the best returns on your investment.