Surest Ways To Confirm You Need Heat Pump Repair In Plano TX

Proper monitoring and expert maintenance of the HVAC system is essential to maintain a habitable environment in every room. Installing quality heating and cooling systems in your apartments ensures proper temperature regulation in all seasons for comfortable living. However, these machines are prone to wear and tear after a long period of use. It is thus prudent to enlist the help of experienced technicians to help you restore them any time you identify a problem. The discussion below outlines the top signs that indicate the need for Heat Pump Repair in Plano TX.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is one of the problems property owners experience when they have defective heat pumps in their HVAC system. During such a fault, air conditioners turn on and run quickly before shutting off. Such limited cycling is detrimental to your air conditioning system and can lead to costly repairs or replacement if not addressed in time. Contact us soon as you realize the heating and cooling systems in your premises begin to show such signs.

Frozen Coils

Accumulation of ice on the heating pumps can result in frozen coils over time. Dirty filters and leaking refrigerants are the likely culprits that cause the icing of coils. You need the help of an experienced professional to assess, diagnose and restore the system and provide expert furnace repair service. We are always available to inspect your machines and establish if the refrigerant in the pump is low, seal the leak and refill your unit.

No Air Conditioning or Heating

Every heat pump comes with a reversing valve that helps change the direction of the refrigerant flow to allow the system to cool or warm your home. The cooling and heating will always occur based on the setting you command on the thermostat. As such, if the unit stops to cool or warm your home, the valve that reverses the refrigerant flow may be defective. Contact us for a timely heat pump inspection and provide expert restoration services.

Weak Airflow

Weak airflow from your HVAC system indicates the unit is working maximally but is not cooling your home as required. Inadequate airflow through the vents signals severe pressure imbalance in the heat pumps. You may also hear strange sounds coming through the vents or identify drafty areas in your apartments. It is prudent to contact us for a thorough assessment to identify and repair the source of pressure imbalance before it worsens.