Heat Pump Repair

Residential Heat Pump Repair Dallas
When you need a local Dallas heat pump repair technician for your residential or commercial product, you need an experienced specialist. We have been providing Dallas, Texas heat pump repair, replacement and installation for over 35 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we are members of Angie’s List.

While some components of a heat pump system are similar to those in conventional heating and air conditioning systems, major components are unique to heat pumps and require the professional skill and knowledge acquired through years of experience. Contact us today for experienced heat pump repair in Dallas, Texas.

How They Work
In moderate climates, a heat pump can be an exceptionally efficient way to heat and cool your home. The US Department of Energy estimates that a properly installed and maintained system can deliver up to three times the electrical energy it uses as heat energy into your home. Unlike a conventional furnace, which burns fuel to create heat energy, a heat pump simply moves heat from one place to another. An inside coil and an outside coil, along with a reversible valve in the refrigerant line, allow heat to be moved efficiently in either direction.

In the summer, heat is moved from inside your home to the outside. In the winter, heat energy is moved from the outside to warm your home. Even when the outside air is cold, heat energy is still present and a heat pump captures that energy. We are uniquely qualified to service all makes and models of this equipment.

Dallas Heat Pump Repair and Preventive Maintenance

An experienced Dallas heat pump repair specialist will keep your system in peak running condition. Some maintenance checkpoints are similar to any conventional heating system. For example, the technician will check belts, lubricate motors and blower fans, inspect and clean the coils, examine ductwork for leaks and confirm the integrity of all electrical connections. In addition to these standard duties, the technician will perform additional tests and operations unique to the system during local heat pump repair in Dallas, Texas.

New vs. Old
Improvements to these systems over the past 30 years have brought us newer models that are one-and-a-half to two times as efficient as older units. Improved expansion valves allow for better, more precise refrigerant flow. Variable speed blowers offer more efficient operation under a variety of conditions. Improved electric motor designs and two-speed compressors have enhanced efficiency as well.

Dallas Heat Pump Repair

Keeping up with this ever-advancing technology is our job. A locally-owned family company since 1975, we offer Dallas, Texas heat pump repair services for older and newer systems alike. We specialize in heat pump repair in Dallas, so we will make sure that your older heat pump continues to operate at peak efficiency. We have the experience to advise you when a new appliance will be the most economical choice. We service and sell all brands, and we are anAuthorized Trane Dealer. So we can offer our customers the most affordable and reliable appliance available.

Whether you are looking for heating services for your older or newer appliance, residential or commercial, we offer 24/7 same-day emergency service. We have been providing heat pump repair service in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington since 1975.