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Furnace Repair Dallas
Our reliable Dallas, Texas furnace repair service for your residential or commercial heating system can save you money and head off future problems. You might perform visual inspections and change the furnace filters on a scheduled basis. But for other maintenance requirements, and scheduled or emergency furnace repair in Dallas, Texas, knowing who to call is key. With over 35 years’ experience, we provide reliable, economical service.

Safe Local Dallas Furnace Repair

A typical furnace burns a fuel like natural gas or propane to supply heat. Cold air is warmed as it moves past the combustion chamber. A blower fan pushes the warmed air through ductwork to all of the home’s living spaces. As the air gives up its heat and cools down, it is drawn back to the appliance through separate return ducts. Dangerous combustible byproduct gasses are ventilated outside through a flue or chimney. Ensuring the proper ventilation through the flue is one of the most important safety inspections performed by your Dallas furnace repair technician.

Older furnaces and homes must be scrupulously inspected to ensure that exhaust gasses do not mix with the warmed household air. Newer units usually incorporate a sealed chamber that is directly ventilated to the outside to minimize this risk. Our certified Dallas, Texas furnace repair specialists are trained to spot any clue that might indicate a potential safety problem.

Dallas, Texas Furnace Repair and Preventive Maintenance
Our Dallas furnace repair service will thoroughly examine all of the operational components of your heating system. Older appliances need to be oiled to maintain the bearings of the motor and the blower fan. These areas can be difficult for the homeowner to access. The belt that drives the fan must be inspected. Replacing a worn belt and aligning the pulley will prevent an untimely failure.

Leaking ductwork in your home can be a source of heat loss. Our professional Dallas, Texas furnace repair company can evaluate the integrity of your ductwork and make sure that all of the warmth is directed to the living areas and not the basement or crawl space.

Heating Services in Dallas
Nobody wants to be surprised by a furnace malfunction in the middle of a cold night. An inspection by our trained and certified experts can identify and prevent the most common breakdowns. If you do need furnace repair in Dallas, Texas, we offer 24/7 same-day emergency service. We will diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs quickly and affordably.

Dallas Furnace Repair Contractor

Dallas Furnace Repair Company

We specialize in Dallas, Texas furnace repair, replacement and installation. If your old furnace has become unreliable, or if you are interested in a new, more energy-efficient unit, we have the experience to help you select the right model. We service and sell all brands. As an Authorized Trane Dealer, we can provide the most dependable and affordable furnace or heat pump available.

We are locally-owned and you can find us on Angie’s List. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau. We have providedfurnace repair in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington since 1975.