Emergency AC Services

A malfunctioning air conditioner doesn’t stick to a schedule, so we offer emergency AC services in Dallas, Texas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our same-day service is designed to get your home back to a comfortable temperature fast. There’s no need to sweat it out overnight or through the weekend. B & B Services is there when you need us.

Local Emergency AC Services and Repairs
The moment you notice a problem with your AC system, give us a call. The sooner we can arrive and address the issue, the better chance we have at stopping it from becoming a major home AC repair. When we come to your house, we will perform a thorough inspection of the entire unit, not just the location of the suspected problem. Our Dallas emergency AC services team wants to ensure that the entire system is functioning properly before we provide a free estimate and recommendation.
Emergency AC Services in Dallas
During any Dallas emergency AC services call, we will also check the levels of your refrigerant. If they are low, we can recharge them. We will also ensure that a low level isn’t due to a leak in your system.
Scheduled AC Maintenance
One of the best ways to prevent the need for local emergency AC services in Dallas, Texas is by signing up for a scheduled maintenance plan. Our team can regularly inspect your system, clean dirty components, check refrigerant levels and more.
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