Commercial AC Maintenance

Commercial AC Maintenance and RepairJust like the upkeep on the rest of your property, Dallas, Texascommercial AC maintenance is an important part of business management. Whether you have a lot of sensitive equipment that needs a constant temperature and low humidity or you simply want to keep your employees comfortable, commercial AC maintenance in Dallas will help prevent detrimental surprises.

Your Dallas Commercial AC Maintenance Plan

No matter what type of system you have, it needs to be checked regularly to ensure all of its components are clean and functioning properly. Often, business owners wait until there is an issue and call for emergency AC services. This strategy will end up costing you more in the end. Through our commercial AC maintenance in Dallas, Texas, you can conduct daily business knowing that you won’t be caught unawares by a downed system.

When we come to your property, our Dallas commercial AC maintenance technicians will thoroughly inspect your system. We check everything from your thermostat to the coils to your refrigerant levels and more.

The thermostat is more sophisticated than ever and can be very helpful in preventing serious problems. With a series of triggers throughout many systems, it can recognize when something is wrong and shut down your whole air conditioning unit. Ensuring that the brains of the operation are functioning fully is a pertinent step in commercial AC maintenance in Dallas, Texas.

The coils play a big role in the cooling process and can often freeze up when dust accumulates on them. Frozen coils aren’t typically a serious issue, but it will cause your entire system to stop running which can cost you a lot of time and money. During your commercial AC maintenance in Dallas, Texas, our technicians will clean the coils and any other elements that need attention.

Commmercial AC Maintenance DallasWhen you experience low refrigerant levels, it can be from use over the years. But it is often an indication of a leak. If we discover low levels during our commercial AC maintenance in Dallas, we will recharge the refrigerant and look for a leak source.

Providing Peace of Mind through Commercial AC Maintenance in Dallas, Texas

Our Dallas, Texas commercial AC maintenance plan is implemented by experienced and trained technicians. We have been serving the Metroplex for over 35 years with consistency and accuracy. Accredited by the BBB and a member of Angie’s List, our customers recommend us highly.

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